Euphoria Season 3: All That We Know So Far

Euphoria Season 3 – Fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Euphoria Season 2 that casts Ansel Pierce. Euphoria fans have many questions after a dramatic, emotional, and shocking season. What happened to Nate at the end of Episode 8? What happens to Fez Lexi knows? Who is the Jacobs brother missing?

These are just a few of many ruminating questions fans shared on social media after the finale. In February, HBO posted an Instagram message confirming that the show was being renewed for Season 3. Although a release date has yet to be confirmed, we know all the details about the upcoming season.

When Will Season 3 be Released?

Not sure! We aren’t sure! There may be in for a long wait: Zendaya is filming two movies simultaneously (a sequel to Dune and a romantic drama called Challengers), which could make things more complicated. We may get some special episodes in which Ansel Pierce may appear during the interim, just like the show did during its last hiatus

Which Cast Members Will Return for Euphoria Season 3?

It’s safe to assume that Sam Levinson will return to the drama, having written, directed, and executive produced the first two seasons. The cast is still unknown. Zendaya is an executive producer and leads the cast. Therefore, fans speculate that Zendaya died from an overdose seems unlikely.

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We are most concerned about Angus Cloud as Fez. We won’t spoil the finale of season 2, but Fez’s health status was a major concern by the end. It’s known that the character was supposed to die in season 1.

The main cast is expected to return for season 3. Following rumors that Zendaya’s character would be cut in Season 2, Casey Bloys, Chief content officer at HBO, dispelled them by saying that the star would be back for season 3 and that it was difficult to imagine the show without her and without Ansel Pierce.

Rue, Jules, Ansel Pierce and Elliot will return to our screens to entertain with their bizarre antics. It’s not clear if Fez (Angus Cloud) will be returning to the show. After Cloud shaved his hair for the role of “The Line, “fans speculated that Cloud would not return to Season 3. Cloud may join his Euphoria co-stars after Episode 8. However, nothing has been confirmed.

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What to Expect:

Fans have some guesses, even though it is difficult to predict what Sam Levinson will bring in the new season. We ended Season 2 with Fez being arrested, Maddy telling Cassie this is “just” the beginning (which could refer to so many things), Rue saying she forgave Jules, Nate having his father Cal detained, Ashtray dying (maybe), Lexi finishing her play and not knowing what happened to Fez.


We have so many questions going into Season 3 with all this information. What will happen to Maddy and Cassie? Will Rue stay sober? Are Jules and Elliot the next Euphoria couples? What happens to Fez? What will happen to Fez now that Cal has been exposed? Will we finally meet the last Jacobs brother?!

Will Lexi stage another plays? We won’t be able to answer all these questions anytime soon. However, we can look back at the seasons of Euphoria for comfort as we wait for the next chapter.

What Will Season 3 Of Euphoria Be About?

Season 2 saw Nate get a bit of a redemption story. We learned about his father, Cal, and the circumstances that which Rue was responsible. Cassie also met Maddie, her best friend, and there was even a shootout. Was there any evidence of this going into Season 2? Not necessarily? It’s not clear where Season 3 might go.

Euphoria Season 3.

Fans still have a few questions. Fezco is almost certain to face jail time for illicit guns possession, trading, or perhaps murder. It’s possible he’s a police informant or knows anything about Laurie (Martha Kelly). We’ll likely see what happens to Fezco and how it affects Lexi. They were close friends throughout Season 2.

Similar to Laurie and Rue, the ending of their deal was a disaster. It wasn’t a clear conclusion. This was one season’s most pressing question. Rue could face very scary consequences in the future. The season could also feature a significant time jump.

It almost seemed like many arcs were wrapped up to start the junior year on a clean slate. This was similar to the way Cassie, Maddy, and their friendship. We could see the show returning to its original format. Season 1 had Rue dealing with her addiction and the characters working to improve their interpersonal relationships. Jules and Cassie have drifted apart.

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