Can a High Refresh Rate Monitor Make You a Better Gamer?

Gamers are always looking for a competitive advantage, and many understand that their computer’s performance can make a difference in gaming. This is perhaps why many upgrade their computers when looking for this competitive edge. Once the upgrade is complete, the question becomes, does switching to a high refresh rate monitor make a significant difference? This is what we will be exploring in this article.

What is a High Refresh Rate Monitor?

A monitor’s refresh rate is the number of times the image changes on the screen every second. It is measured in hertz, and most traditional screens and panels run at 60hZ. However, advancements in panel technology have enabled high refresh rate monitors running at 120, 144, 165, and even 240Hz. Higher refresh rates are also possible, but they are not as common.

A high refresh rate monitor is typically one that runs at at least 120HZ. To take advantage of such a high refresh rate, you need a computer that allows high frame rate gaming. The frame rate is the number of frames the computer sends to the monitor per second.

The Competitive Advantage of High Refresh Rate Gaming:

The two main advantages you get with a high frame rate monitor, assuming your computer can keep up, are more fluid motion and a sharper image. The fluid motion is a result of the pixels on the monitor changing so fast that there is no lag when you press a key on your keyboard or button on the mouse.

Your competitive edge comes from having the most up-to-date image on your screen at all times. This means you can react faster and earlier to what is happening in the game because you potentially see it faster than your competitor.

Refresh Rate and Response Time:

The response time of your monitor is how long it takes a pixel to switch from one true color to the next, typically from pure black to pure white and back. Some companies also use gray-to-gray (GtG) response time measurements.

The response time is responsible for the blur you see on a monitor while gaming. When playing a first-person shooter, you want the shortest response time. You might aim your gun where the enemy was a few milliseconds ago because the pixels did not change fast enough, and you end up missing. This phenomenon can also cause disorientation, especially when a player is panning around the screen.

The sweet spot is getting a monitor with a high refresh rate and the lowest response time possible. Monitors like those from the Lenovo Legion line have high refresh rates, typically 165Hz, and extreme response times of 1ms. This, paired with their great colors, makes them great for competitive and fast-paced gaming. You can visit to see the available models and those on offer.

Your monitor makes a significant difference in not only how enjoyable a game is, but also in how competitive you can be. Opt for one with a high refresh rate and the shortest response time that is within your budget.



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