Kimia Behpoornia As Abby of Atypical (2017)

Actor Kimia Behpoornia, best known for her roles in Lucifer (season 6), Atypical (2017), Abby’s (2019), Good on Paper (2021), and Modern Family, is an American actress, screenwriter, and producer (2009). Kimia was born on May 19 in Los Angeles, California. Kimia Behpoornia will be 30 years old in 2022.

Kimia Behpoornia’s biography may be found in the links provided. Here you can learn about Kimia Behpoornia’s life and career, including where she was born, what she studied, what she’s done in the past, and more.

Kimia Behpoornia Movies and TV Shows:

  • Murder Mystery in 2017 as Detective Hank
  • In Back from the Future as Karen
  • Marriage Counseling For Friends in 2021 as Kimia             
  • Emilou Paunch in 2021 as Emilou Paunch
  • Good on Paper in 2021 as Maggie
  • Hero Mode in 2021 as Marie
  • In Lucifer as Gabriel
  • In It’s What She Would Have Wanted as Julia
  • Tesla in 2020 as Prudence
  • Beginner’s Luck in 2020 as Kimia
  • Break In in 2020 as Nousha
  • Solve in 2020 as Kate
  • All Male Panel in 2020 as Hugh
  • In Carol’s Second Act as Megan
  • In The Only Podcast Left as MIT
  • Mad about you in 2019 as Yasmeen
  • Atypical in 2019 as Abby
  • Gods of Food in 2019 as Blynn
  • Abby’s in 2019 as Rosie
  • Paranoia in 2019 as Stoner / Medic
  • The Way You Look Tonight in 2019 as Lois
  • Daddy Issues  in 2017-2018 as Kim
  • CollegeHumor Originals in 2018                 as Sara
  • Coda in 2018 as Stacy
  • Station 19 in 2018 as Officer Karen Ries
  • Michael Blunt in 2018 as Fish Operator
  • Modern Family in 2017 as Stephanie
  • Keep Calm and Tampon in 2017 as Tammy
  • I Love You, America in 2017 as Sandwich Maker
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in 2017 as Assistant
  • After Hours in 2017 as Kimia
  • Unicorn Store  in 2016-2017 as Britney
  • Adam Ruins Everything in 2017 as Amy
  • The Canary Underground in 2017 as Lover
  • Pop Rox in 2017 as Jesse
  • They Live Together in 2017 as Alinor of Logar
  • Drive Share in 2016 as Driver / Wife
  • Obituary: A Grave Beginning in 2016 as Hillary (voice)
  • Oak Park 2016 as Tally
  • Bill the Therapist 2015 as Rahne
  • Ice Station Zedonk 2012 as Jackie (voice)
  • In Treasure as Shelley

Notes and Trivia:

  • She is 5 feet 4 inches tall;
  • Her western zodiac sign is Taurus;
  • Her stage name is Kimia Behpoornia Wikipedia;
  • Her real name is Kimia Behpoornia;
  • Her profession is acting; her birthday is May 19, 1992;
  • Kimia Behpoornia age is 30 (as of 2022);
  • Her birthplace is Los Angeles, United States;
  • Her hometown is Los Angeles, California, United States;
  • Kimia Behpoornia nationality is American;
  • Live with Kimia Behpoornia modern family;
  • She is not a vegetarian;
  • Known for Kimia Behpoornia autism in Atypical;
  • The most searched term is Kimia Behpoornia bud light commercial;
  • She uses the Instagram username @childclown, with 3,345 followers.


The actress is most recognized for her appearance in the television show Lucifer as the archangel Gabriel. In addition, she has contributed to the television shows Atypical and Modern Family. Abby of Atypical is portrayed by Kimia Behpoornia autistic actress. Her Instagram account showcases her art and her sense of humor, in addition to capturing everyday experiences from her life.

The treasure was a short film she appeared in back in 2012 and was one of her initial parts. She appeared in Mad About You in the year 2019. She was brought up in the United States. In the television show Lucifer, she works with Inbar Lavi.


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