Some Facts About Rod Reiss Titan Attack

Rod Reiss Titan was a formidable antagonist in Attack on Titan Rod Reiss and a guy who kept many secrets. Attack on Titan, a famous fantasy anime, will finish airing its last series at the end of 2020, as previously announced.

Because the series included some of the most startling anime deaths in recent memory, the first three seasons were full of unexpected turns, and fans had to say goodbye to many of their favorite characters.

The heroes are interesting and easy to identify, while the adversaries have fascinatingly complicated motivations and personalities. Antiheroes, who have compelling and sometimes tragic histories, are also immensely popular among fans for the same reason that heroes are.

Part Of The Founding Titans’ Blood Line:

Because Reiss was the monarch’s son, he carried a significant amount of responsibility. The weight of duty that comes with having access to secret information from a young age drove several members of the Reiss family to become obsessed with power.

Over the course of many centuries, the Founding Titan was handed down within the royal line from one generation to the next. Uri Reiss, Rod’s brother, was given this unwelcome gift that allows him to exert dominion over other mindless Titans.

After a period of time had passed, he handed it off to Frieda, who was Rod’s daughter. Reiss’s desperation led him to make a decision that would forever impact the lives of those living inside the walls of the castle.

Rod Reiss Titan

Aot Rod Reiss Titan Face:

Rod’s back ailment continued even after he transformed into a Titan and could not stand. But he would not give up on his urge to eradicate, so the horrible thing crept toward the nearest community, his face scraping down the earth. Rod Reiss Titan with face was obscured from view as he made his way up the wall.

However, he attempted to rise and show the world his mutilated face at some time. Several viewers walked away from the TV when they saw this legendary event. Seeing Rod’s damaged Titan face had become unbearable for him. Rod Reiss Titan height is 120m.

To answer why was Rod Reiss Titan so big or why is Rod Reiss Titan so big, I say to defend himself better against his enemies.

His Tragic Relationship With Historia:

It turns out that Reiss’ undesired daughter was the Walls’ true leader. As it turned out, Historia was the only survivor of the Reiss family. Historia’s father refused to accept her at the beginning of the episode since her mother was a servant.

Historia was thrust into a new position after her mother’s terrible death and enrolled in military school. Nearly everyone expected her to fail, and some even expected her to die away. She was brought up to think that she was an orphan due to the influence of her half-sister, Frieda.

It was with the strength of the Founding Titan that she erased Historia’s memory. The sad backstory and apocalyptic setting of Attack on Titan appealed to many anime viewers, and therefore Historia quickly became one of the show’s most popular characters.

Rod Reiss Titan

The Reason Rod Reiss Wanted To Be A Titan:

Rod Reiss Titan form a fanatic when it came to his royal ancestry and the Founding Titan. Being part of his family’s history was more important than anything else. He wasn’t fixated on his being a Titan as he had been on him.

When humanity seemed doomed, he didn’t hesitate to transform himself into a Titan one more time. As a final option, he administered the serum. Despite the fact that this was his last choice to effect change, he was still unable to do so.

Why Did Rod Reiss Die?

In Reiss’ Titan state, he couldn’t have lasted the night. With a large torso, his limbs could not bear the weight. This last fight would be lost to him because of his injured back. His underdog status at Orvud’s walls stemmed from his Titan being out of proportion to his size.

Humans ultimately detonated a bomb and chopped him to pieces. When Historia severed Rod’s nape, she passed on memories of his struggling against the Titan’s Rule to her.

Rod Reiss Was The Biggest Titan:

However, Rod Reiss’ size actually rendered him a little less powerful than most other Titans. For example, he would not have been able to defeat the Colossus Titan. In spite of being twice as large, his muscles were weak, and he couldn’t control his body as well as he might have.

Still, no human being could have done much harm to his gigantic, boiling body, which would have been impossible. Even a so-called “weak” Titan may do a great deal of damage.


In point of fact, even Rod Reiss, who was considered to be one of the show’s most fearsome antagonists, was a fan favorite among fans. Even though he was a crazy megalomaniac, he remained a popular figure with the fans and every Rod Reiss Titan episode was interesting. Between the years 845 and 850, the monarch of the walls had some bizarre beliefs about history and tradition, which heightened the drama.


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